• FunSchool
    Lots of games, trivia, and polls
  • FunSchool for Preschoolers
    Fun, games, and coloring pages for preschoolers
  • Zeeks
    Tons of games, puzzles and fun videos
  • Club Penguin
    Waddle around and meet new friends to play games and chat with.
  • Webkinz
    Everything your virtual pet needs.
  • Disney Channel Games
    Play games based on your favorite Disney characters and shows.
  • Nickelodeon
    Have fun with your favorite Nick characters.
  • Noggin Games
    Games that are perfect for pre-schoolers.
  • PBS Kids
    Play games with your favorites like Clifford and Arthur, listen to music and print out fun coloring pages.
  • Berenstain Bears
    Hang out and have fun in Bear Country.
  • Yahoo Kids Games
    Lots of games, including sports, arcade and puzzles
  • Nick, Jr.
    Send e-cards, print out fun crafts and play games with your Nick, Jr. friends like Dora and Max and Ruby
  • Sesame Street Workshop
    Listen to stories, play games and color with Bid Bird, Cookie Monster and all the other friends who live on Sesame Street
  • Scholastic Games
    Puzzles, quizzes, trivia, and games featuring Captain Underpants, Abby Hayes, Harry Potter, Goosebumps and more!
  • Scholastic Books
    Check out the website for your favorites book series, like Geromimo Stilton, Dear Dumb Diary, and T’Witches. Find out which books you haven’t read, when the newest one is coming out, and of course play all the new games and read the fan message boards
  • Discovery Kids: Yuckiest Site on the Internet
    Play gross games, learn how to make Evil Egg Eyeballs and learn disgusting facts about the body
  • Fun Brain
    Test your brain with these tricky games
  • Lyric Finder
    Can’t figure out the words to that song you love? Search for them here!